Designer Bathroom Accessories

With the wide variety of choice out there its can redoing you bathroom can be extremely difficult. Choice is doubled edges sword. If you need to go choose bathroom times you have over thousands of options! Even something as simple bathroom towel rails can make your head spin. As far as possible you should try and incorporate some designer bathroom accessories to really make your bathroom stand out.


Let’s start with the sink. Now bath room sinks have come a long way. It not just something you need to wash your hand and brush you’re teeth. Bathroom sinks come in different styles like circular, oval or rectangular. They are also available in different materials like ceramic, steel, fiberglass etc. You opt for a stand alone sink or even one with a pedestal.


Mirrors are very important in the bathroom. It makes a space look bigger and more elegant. You can opt for a truly unique floor length mirror that can be placed on the ground. It makes for a perfect designer bathroom accessory. You can also place a beautifully framed mirror above the sink and also behind the door of the bathroom. Always remember you must have a full length mirror some where in the bathroom or dresser.


Candles have become extremely popular and they make for an economical designer bathroom accessory. They are available is different colors, scents and sizes. You can choose lavender scented candles and place them around the bath tub for good sleep and relaxation. Choose colours that compliment the bathroom and don’t forget to pick candle that are slow burning and those that melt inwards so they don’t create a mess.

Shower screen and shower heads

Shower screen are all the rage today. Thy cordon off the shower area with a screen that saves space and makes sure that the water is not splashed around the whole bathroom after a shower. You also have well designed shower heads that make a simple shower into a spa day. You can opt for rain showers or even showers like jet packs. Showers are a must have designer bathroom accessory.

Towels and Towel Trails

The bath linen you choose is very important. It is functional and also adds to the bath room d├ęcor. Towel rails and towel ladders are a great addition to any bathroom. What’s more is that you can opt for heated towel rails or electronic bathroom towel rails that keep the towels warm and dry. The bathroom towel rails make the bath room look more elegant and stylish as well.

Leather Accessories – Part of a Booming Industry

Leather is very important stuff. It is widely used nowadays in multiple applications. Today, when the world is becoming a global market, leather accessories hold an important place there. They are parts of a booming industry, after all. These accessories and goods are in great demand the world over. This is the reason several large leather industries have been established in various nations of the world for the past few years.

Leather, however, is not a new item to the world. It had also been used in the ancient times by the medieval man. Ancient people used to hunt wild animals for their food and clothing need. They used animal skin to cover their body and to protect it from exposure to the external environment. Some archaeologists revealed that various simple kinds of leather utensils were also made by these primitive men. Whatever, that was a very basic or simple use of this stuff.

Today with the advancement of science and technology, several new types of leather has been invented. Also, new and more advanced types of leather goods are being manufactured nowadays, which was not a case in the ancient times. Presently, the most common types of leathers in use include Sienna and Verona, among others. Most popular types of leather products and accessories in fashion these days are as given under:

* Shopping bags
* Leather briefcase
* Leather belts
* Cigar humidors
* Decoration items
* Document holder
* Leather wallets
* Picture frames

Above list is obviously not capable of accommodating all types of leather goods. It has only covered the primary commodities. No doubt, today the leather industry has spread its legs almost on every part of the world. The major countries, however, which have given their vital contribution in making this industry a booming one include India, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Russia and the United States, besides others.

One can contemplate from the names of the above-mentioned countries that Asia is the major contributor in the leather accessories manufacturing. The neighboring countries of India, especially China and Pakistan, are also providing a good scope for the development of the leather industry. But, when we talk about India which holds a special distinction in this sphere, the possibilities are endless. The major leather industries in India are located in the following regions:

* Delhi
* Agra
* Bombay
* Madras

According to several markets experts and business tycoons, considering the increasing use of leather in the manufacturing of daily use items and clothing, the pace of growth of this industry will boost year on year. Well! the signs are positive. If everything goes right, we will certainly witness a much more prospering and flourishing leather industry in the future. Perhaps, it will provide us with an all exclusive range of accessories, never crafted before.