Simple Steps to Revive Wet iPhone 5

It often happens that despite being careful with your iPhone 5 you accidentally drop it in pool of water, get it soaked or drop it in a puddle. It just slips out of your hands and now that it is soaked in water, you are losing all hope of recovering it or to revive it. However, if you want to, you can revive your wet iPhone 5 by applying some simple steps.

Read this article to discover simple steps for reviving wet iPhone 5:

Taking out the hardware

As simple as it seems to take apart the hardware of your iPhone but the most difficult task is to put it back all together. Firstly, put your phone in a bag of uncooked rice for at least 18 hours, ensure that the battery is removed. You need to go through the iFixit iPhone 5 guide to help you with the steps involved in opening up, clearing it all and then putting it back. First of all, you would require pulling off the screen and follow the instructions given in the guide. Then use a compress air can to help dry up the phone and the surfaces where it is still moist. Then using the iFixit guide put your iPhone back together.

Get it all back

Now this might vary depending upon your iPhone 5 condition but here is what you can do to recover some important things:

• Hook your phone to your PC or Mac

• Let it boot and launch iPhoto to recover your pictures

• Import your videos and photos

• Check if your iPhone 5 is functional, the headphone jack, the speaker and other function keys are working if yes then check if the home button is functional, if no then again use compressed air to blow off residual moisture from your phone

• Wait for the screen to appear clear and check if the logos and the apps are visible

Check for SIM

Often, you might be wondering why there is no connectivity or if there is trouble with hardware. There might be messages like no SIM card installed or no service. For this, you need to check if the actual trouble is with your SIM. For this, use your SIM in another iPhone to check if it is functional. Likewise, for checking that everything with the hardware is OK you need to insert a SIM card from your friend’s phone into your iPhone 5 and ensure if everything is well with the SIM.

If there is no trouble with the hardware then your friend’s SIM will work fine or else not. If there is trouble with the SIM then you will see that even after changing handset it is not functional. If this is the case then you need to go to your service provider and get a new one.

One thing that you need to remember here is not to push Power button when your iPhone is wet this will only damage the button rendering it useless till the time water dries off.